I made my own adidas with a photo I took of Matty.

twirlyy Helloo! I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the Finnish girl who didn't know how to see the 1975 bc the gig was for 18+ people? Anyways, i got the fake ID (I'm 16) and I went there yesterday and it was the best experience of my life. You were the one who inspired me to actually do it! I didn't get the chance to actually meet Matty/anyone so that sucked, I would have had so much to say. But anyways it was sick and Matty is amazing performer and the whole gig was unreal. wooow.

ARGGH!!! I’m so glad you did!! Better to regret then to not. You would have kicked yourself if you didn’t do it.

How amazing are they live, right?!!!Β 

Anonymous Matty seemed so fed up in part one of your interview probably didn't wanna be there to be honest


Jealous people are funny.

Anonymous Never felt so insecure after watching your interview with matty, as im someone who is covered in scars and already insecure with it. You should really think before you speak


Anonymous Lol matty didn't try to make out with you he was just messing about don't flatter yourself babe.


Tkay Maidza, Ta-ku, Kilter and Deja @ Listen Out Festival Melbourne

the-1975-healy Are the 1975 back in London in the uk in January or are you not from the uk?!

no no theyre touring HERE in australia

ps- nice icon photo.Β 

my interview strikes againnnn

Um hi what
This means that they’ll probs play it when they’re back in jan
Much excite

from a shoot i did today

Carnival: little GIRL lost

paddles81 What colour is the pen that you hold in your hand........?


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