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Anonymous I hope all is well with your cancer removal xx don't worry too much about the comment these things happen it didn't seem like an intentional remark anyhow

aw thanks hun,


What are you looking forward to at the moment now that you’ve toured the world, performed pretty much every festival? What can you possibly aim towards and look forward to now? (x)

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Anonymous I hope this comes across as I am hoping! I see you're a bit worried about how your scars comment has come across to other people. I for one thought it was extremely rude to begin with, the way you kind of jumped to the fact that people with scars are hideous and if Matty's dad hadn't helped him, he would have been hideous. I'm sure this is not how you meant it to come out, but are you actually sorry you said it (because with scars aren't hideous) or afraid of the backlash you may get?

no its absolutely not how I meant to come out and I only realized how horrible I sounded today. I meant it as just a playful jab but I really should have thought about what I was saying more. I was just so flustered at that stage of the day, I had spent all day with them and I was doing the interview all by myself, my camera crew wasn’t there to help set up, so I was honestly only thinking about the camera. that’s why you see me staring into it so often. I was paranoid I hadn’t hit record! and I didn’t want to have to do it again cuz I knew the boys had to get to soundcheck.

I really do feel bad for saying it, I mean, after all, like I said in the vid, I have a massive scar on my face at the moment from having a skin cancer removed so I shouldn’t have said it

Anonymous I love your interviews I didn't realise it was you I was following ahah xx

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Interviewer: “In 1975 the yorkshire ripper killed his first victim.”

Matty: “What a knob.”



Oh thanks.
I’m starting to feel bad about the scars comment


best fake wikipage shirt - via interview: Vulture Mag vs The 1975 Part 2


ok matty -via interview: Vulture Mag vs The 1975 Part 2

Int: “At your gig in Melbourne on Tuesday, you mentioned living in Melbourne.”

Matty: “When I was a baby. I had a bit of an incident, actually. My dad saved me when he was doing the dishes. I poured a pan of boiling water all over myself. My dad found me and picked me up, put me in the sink. Genius. Put me straight in the sink when he was doing the dishes, and stopped me from being scarred.”

Int. “And stopped you from being hideous!”

Matty: “Oh, well, you know, people with scars are still beautiful. That’s not a very nice thing to say.”

— Matty Healy on scars [x] (via typical-healy)

Yeah I’m a cunt

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Lol. I’m annoying.

from-paris-to-manchester omg it was YOU!! congrats for the interview, you were great, and your reaction to Matty doing "something" with his tongue haha, doing the same, so funny! :) (btw this is my main blog but I run "find-the-1975", yep it's me who did thousands of gifs from the interview, making you famous on Tumblr^^) Oh and seeing my gif on the theme of your blog just gave me a heart attack xx

Haha yes it was me. Little old me.
Um yeah he tried to make out with me.
Love the gifs.
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